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How to use this facility

These pages aim to provide railway enthusiasts with a listing of reference materials, including books, magazines, and other web sites. Most of the information is accessed via a simple click of the appropriate button for either publications or online resources.




While it is not the intention of the Resources section to provide an extensive downloads library, some material in this section, as elsewhere on the site, may be available in downloadable form. Where this is the case the reference will be clearly labelled, together with the file size and, if appropriate, type, e.g. PDF, Word, etc.

Copyright issues

Much of the material on this site is freely downloadable for private use. However, it remains the property of the originator and must not be used commercially without the written permission of the copyright holder. This is especially true of the photographs in the Gallery section.


The Archive site is happy to include any links supplied by fellow enthusiasts, provided they are 'live' and in keeping with the aims of the site.


The references will be updated at regular intervals, at least once a month.


If you experience difficulties, or find any glaring errors or links that do not work properly, please use the contact form to let us know.