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Stations and Structures: Many modellers have as their starting point a favourite location; many simply create a fictional site. Whichever route is taken the end result always looks better for being based in reality...on real buildings and structures. This section of the Gallery contains a range of pictures looking at the British Railway scene and includes bridges, station buildings, lineside structures and a host of features associated with railways, such as canals, street scenes and industry. (Access via picture link opposite—not yet active).

Locomotives: The prime movers deserve a section of their own and this will over time aim to provide a comprehensive selection of all classes of locomotives to have ridden the rails in the UK. Initially these will reflect the post-steam era, but it is hoped to include earlier forms of traction as soon as photographs become available. Any readers who would like to share their photographs with a wider audience should contact the Archive with details of their collection. Don't worry if prints are in poor condition as they can be 'restored' electronically. (Access via picture link opposite—not yet active).

Rolling Stock: The wagons, coaches and special vehicles that enable a railway to carry out its prime transport functions are covered in this section. In time it is hoped to encompass the whole railway age, but for the present images reflect the past three decades. Any readers who wish to add material to this, and other gallery sections are welcome to do so and in the first instance should contact the Archive to arrange collection of sample images (either by post or electronically. (Access via picture link opposite—not yet active).

Model Railway Layouts: Railway modelling and exhibitions often go hand in hand, and it is the intention to display images of layouts that can be seen on the UK model railway exhibition circuit in this section. Naturally, permanent layouts that never leave the home will be added to the Gallery too, so let us know if you would like your layout featured on the web site and we will do our best to either visit and photograph it (depending on distance), or use photographs you supply. (Access via picture link opposite—not yet active).

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